Update client charts in under a minute

We know massage can alleviate stress, reduce pain, and improve function. You can prove it with Hands Heal EHR. Clients complete pre and post-session stress, pain and activity scales, documenting necessary health measures and reducing the time you spend charting.

  • Complete your treatment notes in under a minute
  • Hands Heal EHR guides you to chart succinct information that is meaningful to you, your client, and the healthcare team
  • Clients login before and after each massage to complete easy-to-use measurement scales that will inform and improve your care
  • Client participation increases their investment in your care plan, streamlines your record keeping and reduces the time you spend charting
  • Chart only the information necessary, given the client's condition: select a simple wellness chart or a more detailed treatment note
  • Toggle back and forth between Wellness and Treatment notes for the same low price
Pre-session example on tablet


Streamline your charting and grow your practice

Pre-session example on tablet

Pre-session example on tablet

Demonstrate progress to clients using graphs that are easy to understand. Results of pre and post-session scales automatically generate visual aids to track progress in a way no other EHR system offers. Show tangible results of your massage to keep clients coming back and encourage doctors to keep referring new clients.

  • Deliver real results to demonstrate the value of your massage with clients over time
  • Illustrative visual aids help clients easily track and better understand their goals for health
  • Facilitate more direct, care-based communication that keeps clients satisfied and coming back
  • Measurable outcomes provide referring caregivers and payors the data they need to justify reasonable and necessary care
  • Simplify the intake process and allow both you and the client to make hassle-free updates to personal information and health records as needed
  • Drive revenue with concrete data that will increase organic referrals


Simplify your recordkeeping

Affordable, easily accessible and intuitive to use, this cloud-based technology adds value to your practice and replaces your existing paper files. Automated tasks, client input and practice-specific prompts cut down the time you used to spend updating personal data and tracking progress to as little as 60 seconds per session. Simple stress, pain, and activity scales illustrate meaningful outcomes to other professionals as well as your clients, an artful supplement to the traditional charting benefits that Hands Heal EHR offers.

If you ever feel stumped, support is available to help you and your staff work out any kinks or growing pains.

  • Session notes meet all requirements for charting wellness care, expandable for treatment massage without being overwhelming
  • Make updates fast from any web-connected desktop or mobile device
  • Cloud-based technology means no hardware or costly installation
  • Affordable system that's easy to train yourself, clients and staff to use
  • Online tutorials are educational: learn how to chart as well as how to use the system
  • One-on-one help is available and customized to meet your needs
  • Adds critical outcome tools that demonstrate reasonable and necessary care, if you are billing insurance. (Download Hands Heal EHR treatment notes, reports, and outcome measures to include with your current billing information.)
Woman on Laptop

Dependable security protects massage therapists and clients

Store and access essential information on your own terms and on any device you choose. Clients will appreciate that sensitive details about their care are safeguarded by the highest level of encryption and security. You will value the ease of being able to find, update and share important information about client care at the touch of a button.

  • Password–protected pages allow clients to be more involved in their own care
  • Each entry is signature–locked with a date and time stamp
  • HIPAA compliant security
  • HIPAA compliant privacy statement included on the site
  • Tutorials available to assist you in being HIPAA compliant on your end, too