Charting and Intake forms - Available 24/7 for you and clients

  • Want to keep clients coming back and doctors referring more?

    Hands Heal EHR collects more than just pain data. Function improves before pain. Demonstrate progress with function, pain and mood scales that graph results that impress even you!

    Keep client files safe and organized, and accessible from anywhere, any device. Create polished notes and customized reports and confidently share with referring health care providers and insurance adjusters. With the best charting system available, insurance companies have the outcome measures they need to authorize and reimburse care.

  • Intake Forms for different services

    Wellness clients fill out a simple intake form, enough to ensure a safe and meaningful massage. Clients with more complex injuries or health conditions complete the Treatment Intake, ensuring you see the big picture and can adjust your session accordingly.

  • Charting Notes

    Session Notes are also designed to fit different services.

    1. Wellness Notes chart to enhance ongoing care.
    2. Treatment Notes track details important to ensuring effective treatment and getting paid.

    Want to dictate instead of type? Most devices have a microphone option . Just touch and talk!

    Wait! The queen of SOAP doesn't use SOAP charts on her EHR? No need with electronic charting. Just follow the prompts.

Research - Data contributes to massage research

Want to participate in Research? Client data is de-identified and collated just like with the medical and physical therapy EMRs.

Consistent measures - like our pain, activity, and mood scales - can be distilled into valuable information and inform physicians, insurers, and the public.

Research provides useful information such as:

  • Why do people seek massage?
  • Does massage reduce pain or mood or improve function?

Use our advanced system for a fraction of the cost of EMRs.

Top Reasons for Getting a Massage

Insurance billing and payment tracking

  • Make reimbursements smoother with secure billing

    With our Advanced Plan, you have the option to generate claims and securely bill insurance.

    The system automatically populates standard CMS 1500 billing forms using data from your client's profile and session notes.

    To help assure smooth processing, you can send the claim directly from the system to a clearinghouse that scans it for completeness and accuracy. Once it's clean, they'll securely submit it to insurance.

    You can also print out your claim or save it as a PDF and submit it manually.

    If you find insurance billing confusing, don't worry. Our detailed tutorials and instructional prompts give you all the information you need to bill like a pro. We even include tips to avoid common errors that can delay reimbursements.

  • Stay on top of payments

    With our Advanced Plan, it's easy to know just where you are with insurance payments.

    The system makes it easy to track:

    • Co-pays or co-insurance
    • Insurance payments received
    • Balance due
    • Unrecoverable balance (contract limits)

    You just enter payments received right in the session note or in My Payments. Balances due are calculated automatically. With client contact information on the same page, invoicing is easy and accurate.

Works on any type of device - Phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops

Works well on any web-connected device, Android, Apple or Macintosh. And we mean any! Use a simple tablet for clients to complete pre-session measures in your waiting room, save your nice tablet or laptop for your treatment room, and finish your charts on your phone from the comfort of home.

Mobile Devices - Tablet and phone

Highest level security available - Peace of mind for you & your clients

Safeguard Client Records

Store and access private health information and meet HIPAA regulations for security and protection. Clients will appreciate their care is safeguarded by the highest encryption and security. You will rest easy, and enjoy the ease of being able to access, update, and share important information about client care at the touch of a button.

Follow good privacy and security practices for your devices, and we'll take care of keeping the health information safe and accessible to you and your client.

Screen with pixel pattern in the shape of a lock

Schools - Grading Homework and Managing Student Clinic just got easier!

We make it easy and cost effective: unlimited faculty and students for one low price. Faculty can create an account for every class they teach and comment directly on homework assignments for the students in their class.

Use Hands Heal EHR to teach charting at every level. Wellness notes let students get their feet wet. Implement treatment notes as students learn more skills. Tutorials enhance student's learning, and provide help whenever they need it.

Look for more curriculum recommendations and educational videos monthly.

Instructor showing students proper technique

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